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I am a Turkish speaking Muslim Roma from Bulgaria and I am a specialist in the field of Romani psycholinguistics and education of Roma children in Europe. I have a Ph. D. in Psycholinguistics from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands (1995); Ph. D. in Education (1998) and DrSc (Dr. Habil.) in Education from Bulgaria (2002). I am a Professor in Romani language at the European Institute of Romani Studies in Banska Bystrica, which belongs to the St.Eliyabeth University in Bratislava in Slovakia. I am a guest Professor at the Institute of Turkology at the Free University of Berlin, Germany. I introduced the Romani language education in Bulgaria to primary and secondary school children at the beginning of 1990's, and I also introduced new University programs connected to Romani language education at University level in Bulgaria (University of Veliko Tarnovo, 2003-2010) and in Slovakia (Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, 2008-2012). In 2011 I introduced a new subject in the M.A. Program of the Institute of Turkology at the Free University of Berlin, Germany: "Turkish Dialects of Muslim Roma from the Balkan countries". I am an author of number of scientific publications regarding Romani, Turkish,Gagauz, Bulgarian and Russian in contact; acquisition of Romani and Turkish; education of Roma children in Europe. I am also an author of children's books: "A history of the Romani People" (2005) written in co-authorship with Ian Hancock and "My name was Hussein" (2004) published by Boyds Mills Press, USA. I am an editor of the "International Journal of Romani Language and Culture" published by Lincom Publishers in Germany.